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Grooming Scares my Dog

Help! My Dog is Scared of…

Dog Electric Clippers: If your dog has never been exposed to electric clippers before, turn it on away from him/her and make sure they are comfortable with the sound. Next, spend a moment to comb through the hair/fur with the clippers turned OFF so they get used to the feeling. If they are comfortable with that, take a few minutes to turn the clippers on and put the handle on their torso to get them used to the vibration. Praise your dog and reward with treats as you need! Now, use the clippers carefully and watch how your dog reacts. If your dog reacts with fear, perhaps do a very short session with lots of reward/praise and try again another day. If your dog is calm, you can use your clippers normally!

Dog Blow Dryers: Turn it on away from your dog to make sure they become accustomed to the noise. Blow from a whole arm’s length away at their torso (NOT their face yet) to get them thinking it’s just a little wind. Once they are used to it, you can blow a little on their face from an arm’s length away. As they become comfortable, bring the blow dryer closer, little by little, being careful of the heat and keep changing the spot you are blowing on until you are able to use the blow dryer without any issues.

Dog Scissors: Some dogs are scared of things coming close to their face. Take it slowly and make sure to hold the pair of scissors horizontally, flat to the face, to avoid any injury. Pretend it’s like a comb, and comb back and forth with the scissors on the muzzle until your dog feels safe enough to close their eyes. Make a snip in the air once in awhile so they get used the sound of the scissors. Repeat on any area where they get scared and go slowly until they get used to it.

Dog Brushes: Some dogs are scared of brushes! They might have been hurt before from a mat being pulled and don’t want you to brush them. There are two parts to solving this problem.

1. Make sure you have the correct comb for your dog. The wrong type of comb may end up pulling mats and causing more pain for your dog when you brush.
2. Be gentle and reward your dog with treats for allowing you to brush a spot
3. If all else fails, use a treat like a small amount of peanut butter or coconut oil on a spoon or lick mat so that your dog will be busy licking and forget about you brushing them.

It takes patience and practice, but I know you can do it! Let me know in the comments what other grooming difficulties you’ve had.

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